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Company Law

The choice of the right company type is crucial for every new enterprise. The right company type is the one which best meets the ambitions and distinctive features of the entrepreneur and his/her business idea.

While partnerships such as the general partnership (“Offene Gesellschaft”) or the limited partnership (“Kommanditgesellschaft”) have the advantages of a flexible structure with few statutory restrictions, corporations such as the private limited company (“Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”) have the benefit of limited liability for shareholders.

In terms of taxes, there are significant differences too. Whether to choose a partnership or a corporation from a tax perspective, strongly depends on the anticipated profits.

Our law firm can support you all the way, from the formation of your company to its termination. We set up the company agreement, register the company with the commercial register (“Firmenbuch”), help you with the organisation of the general assembly, appoint your new managing director and implement the transfer of company shares.

If you are the managing director of a private limited company or partner in a partnership, we advise you comprehensively in all legal matters of company management. There are many aspects that should be handled carefully, in particular when it comes to personal liability or in cases of self-dealing, when you conclude a business transaction as a representative of your company with yourself as a private person. We can help you to avoid cases of personal liability and to implement self-deals without the risk of later annulment.

Our services around companies

  • Support during the formation, restructuring and termination process of partnerships and corporations
  • Drafting and examination of company agreements
  • Implementation of share deals
  • Guidance around general assemblies
  • Correspondence with the Commercial Register
  • Advice to managing directors and shareholders