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Contract Law

Contracts are an essential tool in our daily interactions with others. They are part of almost all aspects of our professional and private lives, think of the rental contract with your landlord, the employment contract with your employer or employees, the license contract with your software provider or the service contract with your marketing agency designing the new logo.

Concluding a contract is rather easy. You only need two corresponding statements of intent about the respective main obligations, e.g. in a sales contract, about the product and the price.. Even written contracts are easy to make considering the vast amount of contract templates freely available on the internet. There seems to be no point in involving a lawyer.

Of course, such templates can never reflect the particular needs of each single case. If you are lucky, the implementation of the contract will go. But if you’re not…

Good contracts are characterised by anticipating potential controversies and governing them clearly and unambiguously. From the very beginning, both parties know their legal positions, leaving less room for later disputes.

Contracts by our law firm are not free. But, usually, our costs are calculable and moderate. In addition, a professionally drafted contract very often costs much less than the attorney’s fees in a dispute that is the result of using an inappropriate template.

As contract experts, we design your contract according to your specific situation and needs. If you intend to sign a contract drafted by someone else, we will happily examine and amend it for you and highlight the relevant risks.

Our services around contract law

  • Drafting of contracts and other legal documents
  • Contracts with international aspects
  • Examination and optimisation of existing contracts
  • Drafting of General Terms and Conditions
  • Drafting of declarations and guidelines