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Intellectual Property
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Intellectual Property

You can not only have ownership and other rights to things like your apartment or car but also to intangible, immaterial goods. Such rights are commonly referred to as “intellectual property” or simply “IP”.

Intellectual property can be a valuable and sometimes even the most valuable asset of an enterprise. Just think of business and company secrets (know-how), copyrights and industrial property rights (trademarks, designs and patents).

While copyrights automatically exist once a piece of work has been created, industrial property rights only come into existence only if they have been registered. We help you deal with the competent registry authorities and to complete your registration successfully.

Your know-how (approaches for problem-solving in different areas, client databases, internal workflows etc.) is not self-protecting either. By designing well-structured know-how contracts and confidentiality agreements, we ensure that the results of your efforts and dedication are protected against misuse and remains yours alone.

Our services around intellectual property

  • Registration of trademarks and designs
  • Advice on patents and copyrights
  • Pursuing and defending against claims for IP violations
  • Granting of licences and other usage rights
  • Know-how protection