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Legal English

In a more and more internationalised world, in which contracts and transactions are concluded across national borders, English language skills have become indispensable.

Today, many people, including lawyers, can communicate fluently in English. But only very few Austrian lawyers have the language skills and technical vocabulary required to fully understand English legal texts. Therefore, the risk of misunderstandings or getting tricked with unfavourable provisions is considerable.

Even experienced non-native English speakers might translate the German sentence “Ich werde Dir das Geld eventuell geben.” with “I will eventually give you the money.” Correctly, however, the translation should read “I will possibly give you the money.” You see, this seemingly minor translation mistake can turn a mere possibility into an actual obligation.

With us, you are on the safe side. Next to his legal training, your lawyer also has a university degree in translation, along with extensive experience in handling English contracts and other legal documents.

Our law firm is the perfect partner for the drafting, examination and amendment of legal documents in the English language as well as for negotiations and disputes with opponents who do not speak German.

Should you not yet speak perfect German yourself, we can facilitate your access to Austrian law by providing our advice and information on the current legal situation in English. If need be, we also prepare full translations of legal texts, for example if you want your English GTC in German.

Our services around legal English

  • Drafting and examination of English contracts
  • Legal written and/or oral advice in English
  • Handling cases with foreign aspects
  • Pursuing claims for non-Austrian clients